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Come and join us as a member of 2NE1!

Everybody knows how glamorous the life of an idol is. But have you ever think about what’s going on behind the scenes? Hard work, tears and pain are a part of our lives as well, and most of us have our own dirty little secrets. Secrets we don’t want to tell.
Did you ever think about how much of a sugar-coated story we have about our families, about the happy childhood? 
Maybe your favorite idol is the one disowning her child, or he is the one whom is feared by others because of a personality disorder.
You’ve never thought about that, have you?

Come and join us! But be aware of what you might see behind the scenes.

BTS is a tumblr based, literate and Semi-AU roleplay. NSFW! We advise you to join only if you can keep IC and OOC completely separated. Not all Muses are nice. We are para centered, but script and action are accepted too.

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